Consultation on intersection upgrade ‘in six months’

The roundabout at the intersection that is to be upgraded

Community consultation is expected to take place within six months on a concept design for an upgrade to the roundabout at the intersection of Rawson Rd with Ocean Beach Rd.
The initial concept would be for traffic lights incorporating pedestrian crossings.
Central Coast Council received a federal government promise during the recent federal election campaign of $16.5million for the intersection upgrade.
Cr Richard Mehrtens asked for an update on the matter at the June 11 council meeting.
The answer was given at the August 12 meeting.
Roads unit manager Ms Jeanette Williams wrote the report which said the project had some complexity due to the constrained environment which would require negotiation with utility providers and nearby property owners.
This would likely result in relocation and possible acquisition costs.
Initial concept design proposals for the upgrade had been undertaken, with the preferred option being a “signalised intersection including pedestrian walk phasing”.
“Discussions with utility providers and neighbouring property owners will be undertaken, prior to community consultation taking place,’’ the report said.
“It is anticipated that the community consultation will occur in late 2019 or early 2020.”
Ms Williams said the upgrade was a priority and would “address congestion, traffic and safety concerns”.

Central Coast Council agenda 4.5, 12 Aug 2019

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