Application for single-story multi-dwelling development

An application for single-storey multi-dwelling development at 122 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy has been received by Central Coast Council.
The home would consist of four two bedroom dwellings and four car spaces catering for essential service workers and young first home owners, single mums, single men “and the growing desire to live in more sustainable, smaller footprint but higher quality accommodation,” the report on environmental effects by Clark Dowdle and Associates stated.
The proposal falls inside the height and floor space ratios and lot size standards for the development but does not meet the side or rear boundary setbacks.
“The single storey villa development would be sited on a regular size lot with side setback along the southern boundary of 1.2m which does not meet the prescriptive 3.5m measure,” the report notes.
It adds: “Notwithstanding the departure, the villas being single storey would not afford privacy impacts to the adjoining villas.
“As the design provides reasonable amenity for both existing and proposed dwellings, the proposal is consistent with the aims and objectives of the setbacks clause.”
The design includes a 1.8metre high front fence to screen a private courtyard.
The four car spaces does not comply with the required six spaces and a seventh for visitors but the report notes that bus stops are nearby that link up with other services and that Woy Woy town centre is also close.
The application is open to exhibition until September 12.

DA Tracker, 27 Aug 2019
DA 57056, Central Coast Council

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