Lions club donates hospital equipment

The Lions Club of Chittaway Bay has shown its ongoing support for the Central Coast Local Health District with a generous donation to help patients at Gosford Hospital.
Earlier in September they provided funds to enable the Hospital’s surgical inpatient unit J9, to purchase a vascular doppler to measure blood flow through patients’ arteries and veins.
“This donation means a lot to us and is something close to our hearts as one of our members recently stayed on the ward,” Lions Club representative, Di Barrett said.
“We all need hospital care at times or have a friend or relative who does, so we want to show our support and appreciation for our local hospitals and the staff that do such an incredible job caring for the community.
Members of the Lions Club recently visited Gosford Hospital for a demonstration of the doppler.
J9 Nursing Unit Manager, Taran Kelly, said most patients admitted to J9 have a fractured bone in their leg or arm and all those patients require neurovascular assessments before and after their operation.
She said having their own doppler on the ward would be of great benefit to patients and staff as it picks up a pulse far quicker and easier than by touch.
“The doppler helps our nurses to carry out the examination more efficiently and effectively to quickly identify any blood flow issues,” Kelly said.
“If the pulse can’t be felt, we can use the doppler to measure the pulse in the patient’s limb, giving us a more accurate assessment and allowing us to identify and escalate any potential risks earlier,” she added.

Media release, Sep 13
Lauren Rollason, Central Coast Local Health District

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