Running to the Roof of Peru for Headspace

Billy Almond and Jared Styan with friends Matt and Andrew at the top of Mt Kosciuszko

Lake Munmorah locals and running enthusiasts, Jared Styan and Billy Almond, are preparing to take on their biggest adventure yet on November 10, when the pair scale Peru’s El Misti Volcano to raise funds for charity.
In 2018, the pair raised $5,000 for the Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation by ‘Running to the Roof of Australia’, a gruelling 44km endeavour which saw them run up Australia’s tallest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko, while wearing their favourite pyjamas.
Since then they’ve parted ways, with Styan making the move to Peru to work as an English teacher, and Almond remaining on the Coast, but they’re still best mates and adrenaline junkies.
That’s how they made the decision to take part in the El Misti Skyrace, a popular but extreme running event on the volcano, which is just outside of the Peruvian city of Arequipa, where Styan is based.
Styan said that after months of waking up and gazing at El Misti, he knew it was only a matter of time before he climbed it.
“El Misti towers over the city, practically begging you to take on the challenge, so that’s how I decided we’d run El Misti and conquer the volcano and now we’re Running to the Roof of Peru,” Styan said.
Despite their route this year being a few kilometres shorter than their Mt Kosciuszko trek, the boys have been training hard, with altitude training a must for anyone thinking of ascending the 6,000m and 40km trek that makes up the Skyrace.
This year the boys have opted to support Central Coast based youth mental health service, Headspace, and hope to raise $10,000 for the cause.
In support of the cause, Styan has also launched a new social platform called Peak of Mind where young people can go check out the boy’s adventures, discuss mental health and share their own stories.
“Peak of Mind is all about trying to make a difference in the world through the medium of adventure.
“And yes, we’ll be wearing pyjamas, this time just over our special thermal running gear,” Styan said.
The boys have set up an Everyday Hero fundraising page called Running to the Roof of Peru with all donations set to be delivered to Headspace upon the completion of the Skyrace.

Interview, Sep 20
Jared Styan, Running to the Roof of Peru
Dilon Luke, Journalist

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