There is no transparency when it comes to development

Central Coast Council has the audacity to make out that it listens to what the community wants.
I have written submission after submission on The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036, Greater Lake Munmorah Strategic Plan and umpteen policies without a single thank you or reply.
The community had no input into the Regional Plan and I didn’t see council objecting to any of it.
I met with Lee Sherar, the Director General for the Regional Plan 2036, and she could not or would not answer three simple questions.
I have stood before State Planning Panels that just tick the boxes much the same as council.
Drop-in sessions only cover about one to two percent of residents and ratepayers.
It is obvious the State Government and Central Coast Council have made up their minds about what areas will have out-of-control development.
In fact, the plan forecasts 40,500 new homes leading to a rise in population of over 101,000 for the north alone, with massive estates, or $180M of mineral extractions per annum.
There is no real proposed infrastructure, the disguise of a biodiversity corridor that already belongs to us, with one third under a Darkinjung land claim.
Let’s be honest, there is no transparency when it comes to development.
Council is proposing stealth development with a series of precincts, starting with the Lake Munmorah region.
Council has reduced the time we as residents have to address council from five minutes to three minutes and only if the item is on the business papers.
We get no indication of further building in our own streets, let alone region, which can in many cases cause negative externalities.
Council only looks at what is proposed within the political boundaries and doesn’t consider further developments in the Lake Macquarie region which will also impact on our infrastructure.
The ratepayers of the former Wyong Council still pay $180 a year more than those of the former Gosford Council after the amalgamation.
I will continually oppose what council and their big brothers the state government, Darkinjung Land Council and major developers propose for our region.
Council spruiks all the correct words like “affordable”, “accessible and inclusive” and “sustainable”, yet has no understanding of what they actually mean.
I will attend the drop-in session for the Urban Spatial Plan, so Council had better be prepared.

Email, Sept 13
Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah

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