College students take barista course at Umina cafe

Eleven students from Brisbane Waters Secondary College Umina campus have completed a professional barista course at a Umina cafe.
An initiative of Jasmine Greens Park Kiosk proprietor Ms Gabby Greyem, the course was funded by Central Coast Council to give students vocational skills and assist them in gaining local employment.
“We’ve run several free barista training courses at Jasmine Greens over the past few years, but thanks to funding from Central Coast Council, we have been able to extend the program,” said Ms Greyem.
The course ran for four weeks and focused on all aspects of serving espresso coffee and other beverages in a cafe environment.
With a focus on providing positive vocational mentoring and skills, the course was designed to build student self confidence and give them technical skills to assist them when applying for a job in hospitality, she said.
The students were exposed to tasting coffee, learning about different types of coffee extraction methods, as well as the history of coffee.
Over the four weeks, the students used more than six kilos of organic coffee beans, more than 40 litres of milk and made more than 350 coffees.
“The course is all about sharing the craft of coffee-making.
“I’m confident all of the participants in this course gained a special appreciation for making excellent espresso coffee,” Ms Greyem said.

Media release, 8 Sep 2019
Gabby Greyem, Jasmine Greens Park Kiosk

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