Global Climate Strike well supported locally

An aerial view of some of the protesters

More than 1,000 people rallied at the Ray Maher Oval in Leagues Club Field, Gosford, on September 20 as part of the Global Climate Strike.
Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, said the climate action was co-ordinated by passionate high school students from all over the Coast.
“I was there and estimated more than 1,000 in attendance, but some say it was closer to 2,000,” Tesch said.
“It was really positive hearing the voices of young people actively concerned for their future.
“The young people who spoke were so eloquent, future leaders in the community harnessing the voice of lots of other youngsters.
“It was extremely well organised.
“It was wonderful to see young people who are concerned stand up and try to create awareness and change.
“As a former geography teacher, I am so proud that our future voices are standing up for a cause that will ultimately affect them the most.
“We, as adults, must support our younger generations in their fight for a safe climate future.”
Tesch said the day featured stalls run by students and a waste workshop run by 14-year-old student, Ethan Hill.
Hill said the rally was for “everyone who cares about our climate and knows we need to do better, because people are already being hurt by climate change and it will get worse if we don’t act”.
“Taking time off school is showing how seriously we take this and it is bringing people’s attention to trying to protect our environment and the future for my generation,” he said.

Media release, Sep 20
Member for Gosford,
Liesl Tesch
Interview, Oct 1
Member for Gosford,
Liesl Tesch
Reporter: Terry Collins

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