Good Samaritan removes graffiti

An anonymous “Good Samaritan” has removed graffiti from vandalised bus shelter at Horsfield Bay.
The work took place without announcement and without the knowledge of the Bays Community Group.
In August, the Group president Ms Cathy Gleeson described the vandalism of one of five painted bus shelters at The Bays as “extremely disappointing”.
However, in the Group’s latest newsletter, she announced that the graffiti had been removed.
“A big thank you to the anonymous good Samaritan who went to the trouble of cleaning the graffiti off the vandalised Horsfield Bay bus shelter at the top of Bull’s Hill,” she said.
“It was so pleasing to see the bus shelter restored back to its original state.
“Our community takes great pride in the presentation of the bus shelters in the Bays.”
The shelters were hand painted by local artist Mr Jim Doe four years ago.
They show scenes of the natural world’s beauty common around The Bays and also incorporate designs and illustrations by local children.

Newsletter, 27 Sep 2019
Cathy Gleeson, Bays Community Group

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