Morning workshop to help parents talk about divorce

A three-hour morning workshop for parents about “Talking with your kids about divorce and separation issues” will be held at the Peninsula Community Centre on Wednesday, October 16.
Issues covered are expected to include parental conflict, financial issues, children’s understanding of your separation, relationships and loyalty, taking sides, carrying messages, and dealing with step parents.
The seminar aims to help parents respond to their children when difficult issues arise, and to recognise when their children feel caught in the middle of a conflict.
It aims to help parents understand the importance of child-friendly explanations, and to develop the skills and strategies to talk with their children.
The workshop will cover common “tricky” issues raised by children, including “How come you don’t love mummy/daddy any more?”, “Why do I have to go to Mum’s/Dad’s?” and “Mum told me to tell you to pay my school fees.”
Participants will have the opportunity to talk with other parents in similar situations, and will be given a workbook to take with them.
Reservations for the workshop may be made through Coast Community Connections on 4341 9333.

Newsletter, 27 Sep 2019
Ona Buckley, Woy Woy Public School

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