Workshop discusses diverse needs of older people

Local aged care provider Peninsula Villages has held a workshop to discuss the diverse needs of local older people.
The aim of the workshop on Wednesday, October 9, was to discuss the outcomes under the Aged Care Diversity Framework set by the Federal Government.
The Framework provides a plan for delivering more inclusive and culturally-appropriate services for consumers.
The Diversity Day workshop discussed diversity in ageing services and to brainstorm suggested changes for the industry locally.
The event was attended by 60 local aged care representatives across home and residential aged care, and delegates from local organisations who engage with diverse members of the Central Coast community.
“Addressing specific barriers and challenges faced by older people with diverse characteristics and life experiences is of increased importance in this day and age, particularly for aged care providers,” said Peninsula Village chief Mr Shane Neaves..
“The Central Coast community is diverse and this is reflected in the religion, spirituality, sexuality, culture, socio-economic background, geographic spread and personal experiences of our senior population.
“Providing well-rounded support to all people as they age is of top priority for us here at Peninsula Villages.
“We wanted to ensure that our action plans meet the requirements of diverse people in our local community and align with the expectations of those who engage with these people regularly,” he said.
“Aged care provision must be accessible and equitable to all.
“Everyone must be afforded care which is appropriate to their health as well as their social, cultural, spiritual and economic needs.
“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to diversity and we wanted to coordinate a broader local discussion to identify current issues and barriers, so we can work proactively together.”

Media release, 4 Oct 2019
Katey Small, Brilliant Logic

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