Council needs to work with Liberal MP

The truth often hurts, this appears to be what has happened with Central Coast Council (Council has failed to bow to bullying, edition 217).
Our local State Member, Adam Crouch, has obviously become a thorn in the side of Council.
I suspect, given the make-up of the Council, this is more political than anything else.
There’s an old saying give credit where credit is due.
We thus might acknowledge the good work Crouch has done for the Coast.
If only Council would match Crouch’s drive, determination and enthusiasm.
He has the ability and does get things done.
Instead of fighting a well intentioned and capable Crouch, Council should pull out all stops, put politics aside and work with him.
It’s in the Coast’s best interest.
We all stand to benefit.

Email, Oct 5
John George, Terrigal

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