Night of Notables historical assessment held

Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Anne Boleyn were all present at the Night of Notables

Year 8 History students at Gosford High School rounded out their studies by holding a Night of Notables historical assessment.
The performance was the culmination of everything students had learnt in their History course throughout Term 3, with students tasked to take on the persona of a historical figure studied in class for the performance.
The evening also doubled as a learning exercise with students challenged to produce display stalls about their chosen historical figure as well as a period appropriate costume reflective of the garb their figure would likely have worn.
Principal, Michael Smith, said the evening was a resounding success with the months of preparations student put into the night really shining through.
“Students put up their stalls and interacted with parents as part of their assessment.
“Complete with accents and props they played their parts beautifully.
“HSIE staff were very proud,” Smith said.

Website, Sep 30
Michael Smith, Gosford High School

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