Bravo Councillor Jilly Pilon

It is so important that the State Government move quickly to establish the Local Planning Panel so that the Central Coast can begin to move forward.
For far too long, development of any sort on the Central Coast has been the captive of nay-sayers, NIMBYs and other minorities who want to keep this city of ours as an isolated village.
It is not difficult to understand why the State Government could no longer stand by while this large population region was drifting backwards relative to other state significant regions.
Development creates jobs and sustains those jobs into the future.
The Council has been keen to approve massive housing developments, but with no plan for providing local jobs for the homeowners.
House construction provides somewhat unreliable work continuity, and for a narrow range of skilled trades.
The Central Coast needs industry, especially high-tech industry, to develop a highly skilled and educated local workforce.
We do not need only logistics warehouses.
The sooner the Central Coast community wake up to who on Council really serves their best interests, the sooner we will get rid of the dead wood on Council.

Email, Oct 19
Geoff Robertson, The Entrance

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