Evan Hillman inducted into Youth Hall of Fame

Evan Hillman with TLSC Berkley Vale Principal, Carlie Wells

The inaugural class of Regional Youth Support Services’ (RYSS) YOP Pop Up Hall of Fame was unveiled in August, and the Chronicle has been working with RYSS to profile these exceptional young people.
The next Hall of Famer to be revealed is 16-year-old Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, Berkley Vale Campus, student, Evan Hillman.
Evan was inducted into the Hall of Fame after he spearheaded a campaign at his school to implement a change in uniform.
Evan identified that the school’s uniform sock colour of white was an issue amongst his friend group, so he decided to try and make a change.
After surveying students, he discovered that they too thought white was impractical and after collating his findings he set about lobbying staff to have the uniform sock colour changed from white to black.
This led to a series of discussions that culminated in a presentation to his Campus Principal, Carlie Wells.
Given his foresight, supporting data and dedication, his request was granted and a change to the uniform policy was made on behalf of the 800 students at the Campus, courtesy of Evan’s hard work.
Wells was so impressed with Evan’s moxie, maturity and passion for making a change to benefit the student body, that she ended up nominating him for the Hall of Fame, and now he’s one of the Coast’s 15 inaugural Hall of Famers.
Evan earned his Hall of Fame status by proving that youth advocacy, no matter the cause, can achieve positive change.
The Hall of Fame is an online gallery that tells the stories of inspiring young Central Coast residents and was designed to show local youth that even in the face of adversity, nothing can stop them achieving their goals.
RYSS Youth Worker and Hall of Fame co-coordinator, Lani Pomare, said it’s hoped that by spotlighting young achievers on the Coast, RYSS will be able to change the way young people are viewed in the community.

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Lani Pomare, RYSS
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YOP Pop Up Hall of Fame: Evan Hillman
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