The Entrance Campus has a unique week of graduation traditions

Pyjama Day

Year 12 students at Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College (TLSC), The Entrance Campus, celebrated the end of their schooling careers with the College’s unique week of graduation traditions during the last week of Term 3.
Year 12’s week kicked off with a Wear Your Pyjamas Day with slippers, dressing gowns and even the odd scandalous pair of ugg boots all popular choices amongst the cohort, who probably enjoyed their comfiest day at school since commencing their senior studies.
Pyjama Day was followed by Throwback Tuesday, which saw Year 12 dig out their primary school uniforms for a slightly ill-fitting blast from the past.
While a bit of fun, the day is an often poignant reminder of each student’s beginning of high school and while there were plenty of laughs, there was also some reflection on how far students had come.
Throwback Tuesday was followed by Gender Bender Wednesday.
Likely the most unique Year 12 tradition in the entirety of the former Wyong Shire, male and female students arrived at school on the morning each with a new look
For the boy’s, fishnets, hair accessories and terrible lipstick was the go as they embraced their feminine side.
For the girl’s, snapbacks, hoodies and some drawn on facial hair was the look of choice.
Next up was Splendour After Class, an afternoon jampacked with festivities where students and staff came together to celebrate Year 12’s last formal day of schooling.
More dress-up was encouraged with staff getting in on the fun too as they put on a number of pseudo carnival attractions for Year 12, from a fortune telling booth to live music and fairy floss making.
A number of superhero themed murals were also painted by staff and students to commemorate Year 12’s time at TLSC, The Entrance.
Year 12 ended their week with their formal graduation ceremony and end of year awards.

Website, Sep 23-27
Kirrily Harvey, TLSC, The Entrance Campus

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