Unlicensed driver caught in unregistered vehicle with unseatbelted children

BustedP- A serial lawbreaker has copped a smattering of penalties courtesy of Tuggerah Lakes Highway Patrol

A 40-year-old Forster man has been slapped with several penalty notices after a run in with officers from Tuggerah Lakes Highway Patrol.
At about 2pm on Wednesday, October 2, police from Tuggerah Lakes Highway Patrol stopped a HSV R8 sedan on the Pacific Hwy at Wyong.
The vehicle’s registration had been cancelled eight months prior after the owner failed to rectify dangerous defects.
It was determined the driver/owner had been detected driving the unregistered vehicle on seven prior occasions within the last six months.
Officers then located four children in the rear seat, with a 4-year-old boy and a 7-year-old boy not restrained in any form of child seat or seatbelt.
Finally, it was determined that the driver’s licence held by the man was endorsed as suspended.
Owing to repeated use of the unregistered vehicle, police seized the man’s car with an application made to forfeit the vehicle permanently to the Crown.
The man was issued penalty notices for the following offences: Drive with passenger 7 years or older but less than 16 years old not restrained as prescribed; Drive with passenger 4 years or older but less than 7 years old not restrained as prescribed; Use unregistered registerable Class A motor vehicle; and Use Uninsured motor vehicle; Use light vehicle not comply with standard – other.
He was also charged with driving whilst suspended and use vehicle in contravention of defect notice.
He’ll front Wyong Local Court in November

Media release, Oct 2
Traffic and Highway Patrol Command NSW

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