Wyong Farmers’ Market has called it quits after seven years

Fans of the Wyong Farmers’ Market are advised that the bi-monthly event has been cancelled indefinitely.
Market operators, NSW Farmers’ Market Pty Ltd., announced the closure of the Wyong event on October 16, citing a lack of support from the community as the reason for the cancellation.
“We have decided to close Wyong Farmers’ Market, therefore there will not be any markets from October 19 and beyond.
“Lack of public support has seen the market close.
“We would like to thank all those that did support the market over the years,” a statement posted to the Wyong Farmers’ Market (WFM) Facebook page reads.
The announcement sees the end of a seven year legacy as the former Wyong Shire’s largest recurring farmers’ market.
Fans of the market expressed their sadness at the cancellation on the market’s social media, but some regular shoppers took offence to the notion a lack of support was solely to blame.
“I resent the implication that the community didn’t support the markets.
“I feel that there was very little marketing or promotion of your event and your stall holders left in droves long before the community stopped coming.
“We went every time it was on, unfortunately the stall holders gradually decreased more and more, to the point there was very little variety of products,” wrote long time WFM shopper, Stacey Anderson.
Several other shoppers made similar comments prompting the WFM Organiser to hit back at claims the event was poorly advertised.
“The WFM was well advertised for seven years; newspapers, magazines, television, radio and social media.
“Unless the public avail themselves to open up their local newspaper, listen to their local radio station, flip through a magazine or watch a bit of television, then the business operator, NSW Farmers’ Market, might as well tip their money down the drain.
“I must say in all my 20 years of running and developing farmers’ markets with success, I am flummoxed as to how marketing in the Wyong area does not work and I come from a marketing background.
“It’s the space that marketing forgot,” they wrote.
The next closest NSW Farmers Market events are the Gosford Markets which are on at Gosford Showground every Sunday.
For the record, NSW Farmers’ Market advertised their markets in Central Coast Newspapers from January, 2016, until the end of March, 2018.

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