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The block of land council will buy to preserve for environmental purposes

Council will start negotiations with the owner of 190 Jensen Rd, Wadalba, to buy the land for environmental purposes.
This block will consolidate council owned conservation land for the future stage 2 of Wadalba Wildlife Corridor.
The decision to buy the land is based on its environmental value and contains estuarine swamp oak forest which is listed as threatened under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Cultural Plan on exhibition

The draft Cultural Plan 2020-25 is a framework for the region to achieve its potential as a thriving arts and cultural sector.
Council’s Director, Connected Communities, Julie Vaughan, said this was important for regional economic development and the draft plan was based on building on creative strengths.
“This plan will assist us to build a welcoming and lively region to showcase our diverse and inclusive cultural identity,” she said.
The plan is available for public comment until November 15.
There will an information session at The Art House in Wyong on Thursday, October 31, and another in Erina the day before.

Seniors survey for support plan

There are about 130,000 residents aged over 50 on the Central Coast, according to the latest Census and future demand for services tailored to the senior community is expected to grow.
Council is conducting a survey of seniors as part of its revision of the Positive Ageing Strategy.
The survey will help council identify how it can best support older people to lead active, healthy and independent lives and to improve their quality of life.
Senior services already include the 50+ Leisure and Learning Centres which provide social, educational, cultural and fitness opportunities.
Council also provides a range of senior programs and activities such as the Seniors Festival, Grandma Moses Art Competition and GOALL magazine.

New road building technology

Council is introducing new survey technology to save time and money on projects across the coast’s 2,200km road network.
New survey systems in excavators and graders use GPS and 3D technology to dig and grade to millimetre accuracy.
Council Director, Roads, Transport, Drainage, Waste, Boris Bolgoff, said using this new technology delivered the accuracy required without the need to have surveyors re-check levels.
“Design drawings are simply uploaded to the survey system and the construction machinery automatically adjusts to the design levels,” he said.
“Since starting the rollout of the technology, we have seen a reduction in material waste and achieved cost savings by delivering projects in less time.”
This technology follows other innovative and sustainable approaches by council, such as the use of a road surfacing product made from recycled soft plastic, glass and toner cartridges.

Focus on kayak and canoe tourism

A report to council outlining opportunities to boost tourism through kayaking and canoeing pursuits will be referred to the Tourism Advisory Committee for further input.
It was an initial assessment of the current level of active use of the waterways for canoeing or kayaking and similar activities, the trends in low impact waterway use for tourism purposes, and an overview of the sector including key peak bodies, key events and trends.
Mayor, Lisa Matthews, said activating Central Coast waterways was a key focus for council in both the Central Coast Destination Management Plan and the Tourism Opportunity Plan.
“The opportunities identified will promote and boost tourism that celebrates the natural and cultural assets of the Central Coast in a way that is accessible, sustainable and eco-friendly, and deliver on what the community has asked for,” she said.
A new kayak launching facility at Berkeley Vale will be finished in November.
The $200,000 project, on the corner of Panorama and Lakedge Rd, includes a multi-use jetty and upgrade of the car park.

Eight groups share almost $25,000

Eight groups have shared almost $25,000 in council’s latest funding round of the Community Support Grant Program.
The grants support groups to deliver quality programs, undertake projects, purchase equipment or hold events to build strong connections and celebrate local communities.
Latest recipients in the program, which provides up to $5,000 per project per financial year in combined funding and in-kind council services, are: Wyee Probus Club Inc. for defibrillator, first aid and office equipment, $4,447.95; Tuggerah Lakes Christian Education Board Inc. for FUSE Camp annual school holiday program, $4,895; Wyong Garden Club Inc. for audio visual equipment, $1,736; The Entrance and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Fright Night at The Entrance 2019, $4,117; Bears of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Community Garden, $3,275.62; Wheelchair Sports NSW Inc. for wheelchair basketball training, $3,080; Erina Women’s Hockey Club for face masks for juniors, $660; Central Coast Kids in Need for the Adam Molch Hillier Memorial Surf Classic, $2,223.50.

Strong growth in investments

Council’s Investment Report for August outlined interest growth of $842,000, which increased its total investment portfolio to $465.9M.
In managing its portfolio, council takes into consideration credit ratings of financial institutions, interest rates offered and the amount of investment portfolio already held with each financial institution.
Council continues to also look for “green” investment opportunities, subject to prevailing investment guidelines.

Name for Shelly Beach road

A road to the car park at the northern end of Shelly Beach needs a name.
Naming of the road enables emergency services to easily locate the road access to North Shelly Beach should an incident occur.
Central Coast Council has naming rights as it manages the Crown Land reserves on either side of the road.
The process for naming of the road should be completed before the start of the next summer swimming season and naming options will be on public exhibition for community comment.

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