Major water treatment plant to be significantly expanded and upgraded

Mardi water treatment plant

Mardi water treatment plant will be significantly expanded and upgraded with a $6.85M investment from the State Government.
The Mardi plant supplies most of the drinking water for the Central Coast as well as transfers to the Hunter region when required, and this upgrade will increase reliability and improve efficiency as the Coast population grows.
This major investment, coupled with the new 9km, $61M, water pipeline from Mardi to Warnervale due to start next year, will ensure a safe and secure water supply for the Coast.
Mardi water treatment plant was built in two stages, with the first completed in 1984 and the second stage in 1992.
It operates 365 days year and produces treated water at a rate of up to 160 million litres a day, or the equivalent of 64 Olympic size swimming pools.
Mayor, Lisa Matthews, welcomed the investment under the State Government’s $1B co-funding Safe and Secure Water Program to provide regional infrastructure.
“We are currently investigating and working on a number of major water infrastructure projects to further strengthen our region’s water and I would also like to congratulate our community for their efforts to reduce water consumption.
“Water conservation is difficult to achieve without the co-operation of our residents,” the Mayor said.

Media release, Oct 10
Adam Crouch, Terrigal MP
Media release, Oct 10
Lisa Matthews, Mayor
Central Coast Council
Journalist, Sue Murray

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