Awards for pride of workmanship

Business leaders, exceptional employees and up and coming entrepreneurs are all set to be honoured on October 30 when the Rotary Club of Umina Beach announce their 2019 Pride of Workmanship Award winners.
“We believe that pride of personal performance in the workplace and the sense of responsibility to do a job well are two of the most intangible assets in our society,” said club publicity officer Mr Simon Darwin.
“In preparing for the awards evening, we have sought the views and co-operation of our members and of local residents and businesses to locate people who they believe have such pride and responsibility and are therefore worthy recipients of Rotary Pride of Workmanship Awards.”
He said the annual club event had been a Rotary tradition for decades with clubs across the country honouring representatives of their local business community each year for their commitment, dedication and service to local business.

Newsletter, 23 Oct 2019
Simon Darwin, Rotary Club of Umina Beach

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