Council meeting proposed to answer resident questions

Cr Kyle MacGregor has proposed a meeting of councillors on the Peninsula before the next council elections, consisting of questions from the audience.
He is hoping ward councillors will agree with his suggestion which will be debated at tonight’s council meeting.
The meetings would be chaired by the mayor or deputy and council staff would not be required to attend.
The next council elections will be held in September 2020.
“Local Government is the form of government closest to the people and what better way to have people tell us what they want and hear from us about what we are doing for them in our community then to have direct engagement through question and answer style town hall meetings,” Cr MacGregor said.
“I believe in the concept of maximum democracy in local government, where local people have a real and genuine say in how their elected council operates and the development of the character and nature of their local communities.”
The meeting would be held in an accessible public location that did not require a fee to participate or to attend to view the proceedings.
The only council resources allocated would be those required to operate audio equipment and meeting support and basic refreshments.
Cr MacGregor said local input was important in shaping the economic, social and planning framework for the region and developing a holistic approach which truly reflected the hopes and ambitions of people on the Central Coast.
“Councillors shouldn’t be afraid to engage with the public in this kind of setting.
“I see it as being extremely important for people to be able to directly engage with their councillors, council as an organisation and government in general.”

Central Coast Council agenda 8.1, 28 Oct 2019

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