Place phone tower in car park

In our community newsletter Talking Turkey, Peta Colebatch spoke about not wanting to see a “super tower” as she drives by for a split second.
She recommends that the “super tower” be put to the back of the Council’s Water Reservoir Block, at 37 Wards Hill Rd, Killcare Heights.
On speaking to council, they advised this proposed mobile phone tower will be 30 meters in height, so above tree line level.
The height of the pole and the position at the rear of the property of 37 Wards Hill Rd will affect all residents in Stewart St, some in Hat St, others in Pauline Ave, and Wards Hill Rd.
Not only will these residents have to look at the tower indefinitely, it will also devalue resident’s properties considerably.
Why can’t this tower be placed at Wards Hill Rd car park, as it is non-residential?
Why can’t there by several smaller towers, as Optus is opting for one large tower as it is cheaper.

Email, 20 Oct 2019
Simon West, Killcare Heights

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