Residents asked to be respectful

The Bays Community Group has asked residents to be respectful of others after a large amount was dumped in a shared bin at Phegan’s Bay.
“I have had a serious issue brought to my attention regarding the dumping of bulk rubbish down at the Monastir Rd shared bin area in Phegan’s Bay,” said Group president Ms Cathy Gleeson.
“Can all residents be respectful, and mindful that dumping large items here jeopardises all of the other bins being emptied on bin collection days by Council?
“This area is designated for Monastir Rd residents who do not receive the usual rubbish collection services that other Bays residents receive.
“Dumping in this area also causes other issues, like vermin and offensive odours for residents living in close proximity.”

Newsletter, 27 Sep 2019
Cathy Gleeson, The Bays Community Group

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