The costs of dredging

What is the cost to navigate the Ettalong Channel and swim at Ocean Beach?
I expect there is jubilation within the ranks of those who use the Ettalong Channel and Ocean Beach, as use thereof appears to be assured at least for the short term.
It is obvious technical management of the channel and coastline has changed, possibly forever.
Missing from Mike Allsop’s report (edition 480) is the unavoidable matter of costs, past, present and future.
The matter that has consumed time over decades has failed to be of importance to Mr Allsop.
This information is vital as we will need to address coastal erosion and channel navigation into the future.
Management of both these issues will require permanent funding at both State and Local Government levels.
Both these issues appear solved at the moment.
However, ongoing coastal processes will determine the success of newly-adopted remedial actions.
It will certainly be an interesting area when the next serious weather event strikes the coastline.
Mr Allsop may be a very interested onlooker in the event.
I now visit Ocean Beach to observe coastal erosion.
This did not happen until recent times, an indication of a changing environment easily monitored by all residents.
Change is closer than you think.

Letter, 16 Oct 2019
Norm Harris, Umina

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