Council and government are not working together

In response to articles that appeared in Coast Community News edition 217, whenever Premier Gladys Berejiklian leaves Sydney for a foray into NSW, I always believe the purpose is to promote more development without infrastructure.
There is not one comment on infrastructure from all those who commented.
The classic comment is from the Premier, which I suspect was made prior to May, 2016: “When councils and State Government work together, great things can happen.”
This is from the Premier of NSW.
Was she advised of local events by the Member for Terrigal?
While the Premier, her Ministers and advisors were visiting the Central Coast, it was the perfect opportunity to identify a parcel of land suitable to construct a 500-600 seat acoustic performance hall with all necessary facilities.
It is obvious that the State Government and Central Coast Council do not work together.
This has been advised by the Department of Planning and Environment at community meetings to discuss Gosford’s revitalisation.
It is certainly believable that the Central Coast Regional Plan has taken priority over infrastructure, with more disastrous planning decisions expected in the future.
With the real expectation that Gosford stadium could become a utility venue, including a band-aid theatre for the expanding population, as the Premier said, this is the time to develop the region.
A definite indication of her visit with accompanied advisors.
Gosford CBD is not the place for a performing arts centre, as the City is now a dedicated transport hub with problems yet to be solved.
The bottom line from the State Government is, accept our proposals and terms, regardless of quality, or funds are withdrawn.
Hardly an example of working together as advised by the Premier.

Letter, Oct 7
Norm Harris, Umina

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