New seawall at Green Point

Elfin Hill Road Reserve at Green Point has a new seawall, constructed over recent months as part of a major foreshore stabilisation project which received funding through the NSW Government’s $200M Stronger Communities Fund.
The seawall is a rock structure known as a rip-rap revetment, built to withstand waves of up to a metre high, protecting the reserve and important infrastructure such as sewer mains.
The design has taken into consideration local marine life, with two saltmarsh beds put in which help to soften the appearance of the wall and provide additional saltmarsh habitat for the estuary.
Saltmarsh is a key habitat for estuarine environments, providing habitat, shelter and breeding grounds for fish, wildlife, migratory birds and many threatened species, and is the first link in the estuary’s food chain.
Saltmarsh also helps reduce smell by providing a place for seagrass wrack to dry.
The unique shape of the wall itself will also provide a great hiding spot for molluscs and crabs which are both an important part of the estuarine food web.
Two new dinghy launching spots will improve the ease of access to the water as well as overall safety at the site.
The project is part of Central Coast Council’s Coastal Zone Management Plan for Brisbane Water.
Adopted in 2012, the plan identifies strategies which aim to improve the health and vitality of the Brisbane Water estuary for the benefit of the community and the environment.
Council will undertake further stabilisation works along the Green Point foreshore, with sites to be chosen in order of priority and as funding becomes available.

Central Coast Council website, Oct 29

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