Not happy with Council project expenditure

Councillor Greg Best called for an independent audit into Council’s handling of the Regional Performing Arts Centre/Regional Library projects and was voted down, but you did not disclose who voted against.
Can I bet that the Labor/Greens/Community Environment Network alliance voted against?
They spent $1.2M on consultants – shame.
The rumours within council are that the true cost was heading to more than double the $210M figure Councillor McLachlan put forward.
The purchases of 73 and 75 Mann St are new records which value the corner at $4M and ETA’s property at $4.6M or more.
Great strategic work.
Then there is the input from the Labor Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, who has Councillor Mhertens in her office, a push to spend $401M on bicycle paths, most of which will end up under water if you believe their climate change policy or planned retreat program to impoverish waterside property owners.

Email, Oct 20
Godfrey Franz, Gosford

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