Swimming club recognises life members with plaque

The Woy Woy Swimming Club has unveiled a new plaque honouring the commitment of its life members and to recognise four new life members.
Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch officiated at the unveiling on October 23.
“The Woy Woy Swim Club has a long history of swimming education on the Peninsula,” she said.
“It is important we recognise the members that have taught generations of young locals the most fundamental skill necessary to live where we do – to swim,” she said.
Club secretary Ms Jessie Linnart thanked Ms Tesch for donating the money required to purchase the new plaque.
“Without the funding provided by Liesl, we would not have been able to replace our tired existing life members’ plaque.
“This new plaque presents a fresh and clear list of past and current life members for the community to see and appreciate,” she said.
Mr Geoffrey Turner, aged 96, is one of the club’s longest-serving life members.
Mr Turner said he had enjoyed every aspect of his time with the club and had held a number of positions over the years.
“I got involved with the club because it is a terrific way to keep active and stay fit.
“During my time with the club, I have been responsible for keeping time, assisting with refereeing and teaching our younger swimmers,” he said.
Ms Tesch said Mr Turner was testament to how participation in a social club, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can make anyone seem young-at-heart.
Club representative champion Mr Joshua Smith also praised the club.
“I have been a member and represented Woy Woy at local, state and national swimming competitions for a number of years.
“I have made long-lasting friendships and enjoyed the friendly rivalry that takes place at this club,” he said.
As part of the unveiling club members Ms Vanessa Smith, Ms Katelyn Smith, Ms Annette Press and Ms Sandra Erichsen were all recognised on the new plaque as life members.

Media release, 23 Oct 2019
Liesl Tesch, Member for Gosford

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