Amusing newspaper articles have no place in serious local government management

The latest episode in the Warnervale Airport saga doesn’t bode well for Central Coast ratepayers (Government review of operations at Airport welcomed by aviation community, Wyong Regional Chronicle, October 23, 2019).
Large sums of our money have already been poured into maintaining this unprofitable facility on land best suited for industrial development to accommodate the jobs needed by the region to establish a working economy.
The present activities obviously don’t pay and aren’t likely to pay in the future, while the contention, by Messrs Martin and Crouch, that the airport is needed for “medical evacuations and bushfire emergency responses” sounds like clutching at straws to justify the indefensible.
As far as I know, most medical evacuations are made by helicopter (not requiring an airfield), and I’ve yet to hear of any significant use of the airport by water bombers and such as most of them would be too large for the present strip.
The airstrip is a white elephant, and the ratepayers need to be relieved of it.
Incidentally, whatever happened to the great aircraft manufacturing installation that was so loudly promoted only a little time back, only to sink without trace in the face of reality?
Another pipedream to match the Chinese theme park, the fast ferry and the light rail to The Entrance with which we’ve been regaled from time to time.
No doubt, they make amusing newspaper articles but they have no place in serious local-government management.

Email, Oct 27
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy

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