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Road safety standards differ

I am extremely concerned with the safety of the Central Coast Highway, on the eastern side of the Punt Bridge at East Gosford. After the recent heavy rain, I was traveling east and could not…

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The rise of the independent thinker

Regarding the Wentworth by-election held over the weekend of October 20-21, the people rose to show the two political parties that they don’t have a strangle hold on power. Look at the rise of the…

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Unmarked police cars welcomed

From where I was walking, the festive season was especially marked by the number of vehicles being pulled over by unmarked police cars. I guess it’s called the “silly season” for a reason, whoop whoop…

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Common Law must be protected

I regularly read your publication and enjoy the news and comments from readers so much that I thought this subject needed airing. The latest talk about protection of religious beliefs in Australia is fine, but…

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Councillors congratulated over Winney Bay decision

As a lifelong community activist, my experience has been success against environmental destruction, and money grabs seldom win out. Vested interests tend to hold the power, therefore the outcome. But Councillors grasped the nettle of…