Coast Community News

Following on from the success of publishing the ever popular Peninsula News since 1999, in 2010, Central Coast Newspapers extended that same style and formula to publish a fortnightly newspaper for the remainder of the former Gosford Local Government Area (LGA).

Coast Community News is a fortnightly tabloid newspaper that has its area of focus strictly limited to the entire distribution area of postcodes 2250, 2251 and 2260. Coast Community News’ coverage takes in major parts of Gosford West, Gosford East and Wyong Wards of the Central Coast Council. It also takes in major parts of the State seats of Gosford and Terrigal and some of The Entrance, and parts of the Federal seats of Robertson and Dobell. It serves a total population of around 110,000 people and distributes 20,000 copies every alternate Thursday to reach that population. It is distributed to all major businesses in the major CBDs in those post code areas, as well as in multiples of 50 to supermarkets, schools, clubs, newsagents, shopping malls, railway stations, libraries and service stations, in fact anywhere that large numbers of people are likely to be. In this way, there are no littering or wet weather issues with very little wastage, as only those that want to read it will pick it up.

Coast Community News is different from other newspapers. Apart from our content and style, we restrict ourselves to a maximum average of 40% advertising content. This means that we have more editorial content per page than other newspapers. This serves to keep readers’ eyes on each page for a longer period. Advertisers benefit from this as they have less competition from other advertisers on each page and their advertisement is more likely to be seen and should therefore be more effective. Additionally, because we concentrate on a smaller area than other major newspapers, our content is more relevant to readers in that area and as a result, they read it from cover to cover. This again means that advertisements throughout the newspaper are more effective.

Advertisements in Coast Community News are not buried. There will always be some editorial or a photograph adjacent to it so that readers’ eyes will follow the editorial to the adjacent advertisements. For that reason, the paper is broken into sections other than news, such as health, education, on the beat, forum, out & about and sport. Advertisements relating to a section are put there to make them more effective as readers will be thinking about health for example when reading a health article, so health related advertisements are likely to be of more interest there than in early general news.

This paper also publishes in each edition, a comprehensive full page diary of events across the Central Coast, a directory of not for profit organisations, tide and rainfall information, and a listing of emergency and other help organisations’ contact details.

Every edition of Coast Community News is published and retained on-line indefinitely. The entire publication, including all advertisements, appears on the morning of publication. This is a free service and is read by hundreds of people who prefer to get their latest, up to the minute news that way, often on their mobile phone while commuting or simply filling in time. These have an endless shelf life.

Very generous multiple booking discounts are available for advertisers and sponsorships are also available to not for profit organisations to help them reach their goals.

Experience has shown that having a newspaper that concentrates on a small area rather than an entire region, has enormous community benefits. Events and activities that may not be included in a regional paper because of severe space restrictions are more likely to be included. Positive news on local school successes, sport (senior and junior) and general community events all have a better chance of being seen and promoted. As a result, they are all better supported by the community. The outcome on the Peninsula is there for all to see and this has now also become evident in the remainder of the Gosford Local Government Area.
Concentration on a smaller area is also extended to local, state and federal government activities, so that readers will be much more aware of what those organisations are now doing in their area and how it will affect them. Those government bodies are also under greater public scrutiny than they have been in the past. The good things that they do receive much more exposure and conversely, anything that is not to the public’s liking is also exposed.
Coast Community News is therefore also a public forum for debate on local issues. All residents, community groups, businesses, employees and visitors to the area are encouraged to send in contributions, letters, notices on forthcoming activities or anything else that they feel readers will want to know about.

Central Coast Newspapers are independent and locally owned and staffed.

We are not supported by grants of any kind and rely entirely on advertising to be able to provide the Central Coast community totally unbiased reporting on all activities relevant to the area covered by each newspaper.