Coast Community News

Following on from the success of publishing the ever popular Peninsula News since 1999, Central Coast Newspapers extended that same style and formula to publish a fortnightly newspaper for the remainder of the Gosford Local Government Area (LGA).
Coast Community News only carries news specific to post code areas 2250, 2251 and 2260 and in this way is able to provide a wealth of information for readers interested in those areas.
The first edition, formerly known as Gosford Central News, was published on November 15, 2010. It is distributed to all businesses in the major CBDs in those post code areas as well as to schools, clubs, newsagents, shopping malls, railway stations, libraries, service stations and anywhere that large numbers of people are likely to be.
Experience has shown that, having a newspaper that concentrates on a small area rather than an entire region, has enormous community benefits. Events and activities that may not be included in a regional paper because of severe space restrictions are more likely to be included. Positive news on local school successes, sport (senior and junior) and general community events all have a better chance of being seen and promoted. As a result, they are all better supported by the community. The outcome on the Peninsula is there for all to see and this has now also become evident in the remainder of the Gosford Local Government Area.
Concentration on a smaller area is also extended to local, state and federal government activities, so that readers will be much more aware of what those organisations are now doing in their area and how it will affect them. Those government bodies are also under greater public scrutiny than they have been in the past. The good things that they do receive much more exposure and conversely, anything that is not to the public’s liking is also exposed.
Coast Community News is therefore also a public forum for debate on local issues. All residents, community groups, businesses, employees and visitors to the area are encouraged to send in contributions, letters, notices on forthcoming activities or anything else that they feel readers will want to know about.