Editorial guidelines

Unique features
The vision for the composition of Peninsula News and subsequently the other Central Coast Newspapers’ papers, was unique in a number of respects.
With an emphasis on news rather than advertising, it would reverse the normal advertising ratio of 75 per cent.
Budgets were prepared that showed production of a newspaper with a 40 per cent advertising ratio was possible.
The initial quarter-fold (half-tabloid) presentation, the five-column format, the smaller than usual headline type size, all differentiated Peninsula News from other newspapers.
Unlike other suburban papers, this paper would rely on council stories as its major news source, rather than the police and courts.
It was felt that news of plans being made for readers’ future, as revealed at council meetings, reinforced the social health of the community and engendered a positive attitude towards the community and its collective future.
This was in contrast to continuing stories that highlight the occurrence of crime, the more negative elements of the community and a spectator mentality, rather than encouraging participation in controlling the community’s own destiny.
The papers actively encourage all groups and individuals on the Central Coast to contribute their news, opinions and items of interest for publication.

Editorial policy
The newspapers’ editorial policy reflects a desire to reinforce the area’s sense of community.
To qualify for publication, articles must have specific relevance to the postcode areas covered by each newspaper.
For example, they must be about activities or events happening in those area or are being organised by or involving people in one of those areas.
The newspapers are not large regional or national in nature, so regional or national issues will not be canvassed, except as they affect one of the areas covered by one of the papers.
Regional sports will only be covered from the perspective of clubs based in the area covered by each paper.
Regional plans will only be aired in the context of their ramifications for the area covered by each paper.
Each paper aims to mention as many members of the community in its area as possible.
The papers concentrate on events which shape the communities they serve: council decisions and expenditures, commercial developments, as well as activities of the community itself.
The papers are fiercely parochial, primarily interested in building the communities they serve: the Peninsula, the former Gosford City Council local government area and the former Wyong Shire local government area.

Readability and composition
To ensure that each newspaper serves its purpose, it must be readable and represent the interests and activities of the community in its content.
Contributions to the paper are edited to consistent standards of readability.
Guidelines are available for intending contributors.
All items will be dated and will be attributed a source or author.