New seawall at Green Point

Elfin Hill Road Reserve at Green Point has a new seawall, constructed over recent months as part of a major foreshore stabilisation project which received funding through the NSW Government’s $200M Stronger Communities Fund. The…

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Central Coast Council News in Brief

Five-year Tourism Opportunity Plan adopted Council has adopted a five-year Tourism Opportunity Plan for the Central Coast which will maximise opportunities to attract visitors to the region and looks to boost the visitor economy by…

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Council and government are not working together

In response to articles that appeared in Coast Community News edition 217, whenever Premier Gladys Berejiklian leaves Sydney for a foray into NSW, I always believe the purpose is to promote more development without infrastructure….

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Election loss was just mathematics

While we constantly read of why the Labor Party managed to lose the last election, no-one seems to mention the obvious. We do not have a ‘one person one vote’ system, but our unique Preferential…