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The Wyong Coal Preject (Wallarah II) may not be in Lucy Wick’s electorate of Robertson but Alan Hayes from the Australian Coal Alliance said she needs to be very worried about the mine being approved by the Federal Government.
In the latest Central Coast Newspaper video news interview, Hayes said: “Lucy Wicks needs to be concerned.
“She was concerned sufficiently enough to speak to me earlier this year and arrange a discussion with Josh Frydenberg (former Environment Minister) in February.
“She needs to be concerned now and I am waiting for her to get back to me.
“If she ignores the issue I can make a promise to her that she will lose her seat.
“Myself and others will ensure that the people of Gosford are aware that she is not acting in their best interests,” Hayes said.
Hayes has campaigned against the longwall coal mine for over 20 years.
“I believe it is the right thing to do, long wall coal mining beneath a major water catchment that supplies the whole Central Coast region is inappropriate, there are too many ifs, too many buts and the mining company has never been able to establish that they will protect the water catchment,” he said.
The video with Hayes includes his detailed arguments about the impact the mine could have on the Central Coast’s water supply, including a proposal to pump treated mine water back into the system.